Strong Women are Stronger Together series - Abigail Schippers edition


Strong Women are Stronger Together series - Abigail Schippers Edition


Meet Abigail Schippers.

Abby is one of the most honest people that I know, and she’s also one of the most fun! Her energy is exactly why I asked her to lead a workshop at the Michigan retreats in May and August. Not only do I think she’s going to provide an amazing experience for our retreat guests but I also LOVE collaborating with badass, inspiring women that hold the same values as I do.

Abby is a 200 RYT yoga teacher and has been teaching for three years. Beyond that, she is also an Instagram consultant and web designer. If that wasn’t enough work and responsibility for one person, she is also going back to school in January for her master’s in social work.


Last week I wrote about what type of experience you can expect on a Wandering Roots retreat. (Spoiler alert: fun, relaxation, connection, empowerment and more. You can read more here.) This week, I wanted to tell you more about Abby and the workshops.

During the workshop, we’ll talk creating the framework for the right mindset. You’ll be asked thoughtful questions and provide space for you to consider and journal your experiences. You’ll get a community of support so that you leave re-energized to engage in your life, the way you want to!

Take a break from life and get inspired for your life!


If money were no object, what would you spend most of your time doing?

Abby: If money were no option, I'd spend my days chatting with friends, doing yoga and exploring new places.


What inspires you?

Abby: I'm inspired by anyone who stands in their truth. Even when that truth is different than mine it inspires me to be the best version of myself. More practically I use yoga and breath-practices, uplifting podcasts and dance jams for the day-to-day, get shit done inspiration.


I really hope you’ll join us for a retreat, registration is now open and space is limited!

Images by Personal Branding Maven  Elise Kutt  at  Mod Bettie Portraits

Images by Personal Branding Maven Elise Kutt at Mod Bettie Portraits

My name is Anna VanAgtmael, and I am a certified yoga instructor with a passion for yoga, travel, and connecting with others.

I believe in trying everything once. My values lie in collecting memories over things. Though we desire adventure and authentic experiences, naturally our fear holds us back.

My ambition is to inspire and encourage you to unmask your fears and jump into the unknown.

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