Reflections on the Central Lake Retreat


Reflections on the Central Lake Retreat


Today I said goodbye for now to all of our Central Lake Retreat guests. It was bittersweet. I think this was my best retreat yet, but I also get so sad on the last day.

Having to say goodbye to women that you’ve been sharing intimate spaces with, both physical and emotional, is hard. It’s like saying goodbye to close friends that you’re not sure when you’ll see next.

I always reassure myself that it’s only “goodbye for now” and that having these feelings is a sign of a successful retreat.


I want to create communities out of these retreats where everyone is able to connect with one another on some level and want to support, empower and love each other. That definitely happened on this retreat. We had an incredible group of women. Having known or spoken to all but two of them before the retreat, I was anticipating that they could all use some sort of break and be in need of support. At the very least, they all deserved a hug.

My assumptions were correct, and they all came willing to share, be vulnerable, and open up and it made for an incredible experience. My co-hosts, the guests, and myself commented frequently on how wonderful everyone was getting along, like we were all old friends.


We always create a private FaceBook group before the retreat so that guests can sort of work through the “ice breaker” portion of meeting strangers that they’re going to spend the weekend with, and we always keep them open so that they can keep in touch. I think this group will be the most interactive than all of the groups in the past and that makes me so happy.

I don’t actually think (or know) if it has anything to do with me but it really doesn’t matter. My main goal for every retreat that I host is that guests will feel comfortable enough to choose their own adventure. I stress that our itinerary is a suggestion of optional activities that they can participate in or ignore.


We had a few guests skip the personal development workshop because they needed more peace and quiet and some space in their lives. A few guests opted out of yoga because they needed a nap. It always makes me happy when guests are actually honoring what their bodies and minds need and not participating out of guilt or some weird sense of obligation. It is the ultimate compliment when guests pick and choose freely.

To feel like I’m actually creating spaces and experiences where my guests can show up with what they have, connect with other incredible human beings, and fully embrace taking a break from the demands of daily life is the ultimate success for me. I’m so incredibly grateful to be able to do this work!


It’s not too late to join us for a retreat in 2019! There’s a few spots left for our Northport Retreat!

Images by Personal Branding Maven  Elise Kutt  at  Mod Bettie Portraits

Images by Personal Branding Maven Elise Kutt at Mod Bettie Portraits

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