Risk Taking & Racing the Clock

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Risk Taking & Racing the Clock!


We recently lost my husband’s great aunt. Before you send your condolences, I should tell you that she lived to be 90. (Incredible, right? I hope I get to see my 90’s). While losing someone you love is always hard, I try to focus on celebrating the time that they did have, especially when they are lucky enough to get 90 years on this beautiful planet.

Aunt Betty was more like a grandma to my husband and I. She never had kids of her own (or a husband for that matter) and most of her siblings died many years ago so she was the honorary grandma and great-grandma to most of the family. When I first met her over 15 years ago, she told me she was never dumb enough to get married. When I got engaged to my husband (her niece’s son, whom she loved very much),  Aunt Betty asked me why I’d want to do a crazy thing like marry someone. When she met my twin sister, she told her she was smarter than me because she was single at the time. Years later when my sister got married and had kids, she told me I was much smarter. Her wit made me laugh and her honesty was inspiring.

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When we were on our way to her memorial this past weekend, I wondered if she had any regrets in her final days; things she wished she would have done, places she always wanted to explore and perhaps words she wished she would have spoken. I do know she was well-loved and seemed very content during the years I knew her, so maybe she had no regrets at all (I hope so). This reflection prompted my mind into wandering into thoughts of all the things I want to do that I may be currently holding myself back from.

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I’ve been experiencing substantial fear and doubt surrounding my fall retreat. It’s a huge financial risk and the decision to go through with it or not has been keeping me up at night. However, my desire to live a life without major regrets is more powerful than those fears. If I’m lucky enough to grow old, I want to look back on my life in excitement and fulfillment about all of the things I had experienced instead of dreadful disappointment about not doing the things I really wanted to do.

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One of my favorite quotes is “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will” (Suzy Kassem). How true is that? Starting a business is basically taking one risk after another. After much reflection this past weekend, I’ve decided to take a risk and host the retreat of my dreams. The fall retreat has been scheduled for October 7-11 in Banff National Park.

I hope you will join me not only because it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world but also because I’ve spent months planning excursions that are going to be a blast! 

And of course, I think Aunt Betty would tell me it was a smart decision. 

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Will you join me in facing your fears?


Images by Personal Branding Maven  Elise Kutt  at  Mod Bettie Portraits

Images by Personal Branding Maven Elise Kutt at Mod Bettie Portraits

My name is Anna VanAgtmael, and I am a certified yoga instructor with a passion for yoga, travel, and connecting with others.

I believe in trying everything once. My values lie in collecting memories over things. Though we desire adventure and authentic experiences, naturally our fear holds us back.

My ambition is to inspire and encourage you to unmask your fears and jump into the unknown.

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