Savannah Travel Guide


Savannah Travel Guide


Every since my husband and I started Red Cedar Landscapes, we’ve been trying to make a habit of taking a vacation before spring comes and the busy season is upon us. This winter in Michigan has been unusually intense so when we were brainstorming our travels, my top priority was somewhere warm, a personal requirement of at least 50 degrees in February. We also decided it had to be somewhat close since we only had 5 days to escape, so that pretty much ruled out the west coast (sad, I know, I LOVE the west coast!)

We had been to Charleston a few years ago and fell head over heels for the weepy, giant oaks and all of the historical homes. When we visited a few years ago, we went to Asheville (another favorite city of mine and also a repeat trip,) I was sad that we didn’t have time for Savannah. So when my husband said it’s supposed to be in the 60’s and 70’s in Savannah, I said DONE!

It was cheaper and faster for us to fly to Charleston, so we got a day to revisit some favorites and explore some new places before driving two hours to Savannah. Here’s what I think you should consider when wandering to and through beautiful Savannah.


To Wander:

I’m not sure any visit to Savannah is complete without a visit to the Wormsloe Historic site. This is the iconic oak-lined avenue that leads to the oldest standing structure in Savannah, Wormsloe’s tabby ruins. There is a museum, a gift shop, and multiple trails that wind through the beautiful property. My favorite part was the drive in; pictures don’t do justice to this breathtaking display.

Just as iconic as Wormsloe is Forsyth Park. The fountain is lovely and all of the trails are covered in giant oak trees and Spanish moss. I would definitely recommend grabbing a cup of coffee and strolling through the park.

We also visited Tybee Island and we were lucky to get sunny skies and 80 degree temps. The little beach town and island were fun to explore, especially the lighthouse.


A trip to Savannah isn’t complete without a stroll down River Street. There are tasty restaurants but the shopping is mostly limited to tourist-type gift shops. The City Market was much of the same shopping so we ventured to the Paris Market. This did not disappoint. We scored macaroons and a few home decor items; this cute market was definitely worth the stop.

We also visited the Bonaventure Cemetery. It’s really pretty to walk through here and see all of the unique headstones, many of them quite large. These crafted and weathered cement structures made for perfect ornaments to this garden-like scene with lush trees and greenery.

Our final stop before heading back to Charleston was Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. We are not religious but I heard the interior was stunning and was open for free tours (there is a suggested donation of $3/adult). It was really beautiful on the inside and out and we enjoyed walking through it.


To Refuel:

There are so many good restaurants in Savannah and as usual, we never have enough time to try all of them. Due to a recent fire, the Olde Pink House was closed, I was really bummed about that. We did try out Huey’s on River Street, known for New Orlean’s type fare. We tried to stop at Zunzi’s and Mrs. Wilke’s Dining Room but the lines were a little too long for us to wait in. We had dinner at Cuoco Pazzo Cucina Italiana which is in walking distance to the Dresser Palmer House where we stayed and one of the servers who had an incredible voice sang to the customers all night. Our favorite night out was at Two Tides Brewing where we enjoyed awesome beer, great atmosphere and delicious pizza via the Big Bon food truck! It’s also worth mentioning that you can drink while walking around in Savannah. Most restaurants will let you take your drink in a to-go container.

To Caffeinate:

We checked out Perc, a delicious roaster and cafe stationed in an old warehouse that pleased all of my senses. We also visited Savannah Coffee Roasters and as I mentioned earlier, the Paris Market. I would highly recommend all three locations.

To Recharge:

There are so many good Bed & Breakfasts with tons of southern charm. It was a hard choice, but we decided to stay at the Dresser Palmer House. It’s a pink historical home with multiple rooms. The decor was lovely and they had a quiet courtyard with fountain. I will have dreams about the breakfast...I wish I would’ve taken pictures of it but it was divine!


Where are your favorite spots in Savannah?


Images by Personal Branding Maven  Elise Kutt  at  Mod Bettie Portraits

Images by Personal Branding Maven Elise Kutt at Mod Bettie Portraits

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