Wandering Roots Yoga

Experience not required.

Everyone needs self-care. Space just for them.

Imagine space just for your health and your peace of mind.

Yoga is my favorite way to create that space.

And the best way to start (or build) a yoga practice is through one-on-one sessions. Every experience is catered to you. We work on what is important to you and make sure we’re moving towards your goals.

Unlike a traditional yoga class, there’s no forcing yourself into someone else’s mold, I lead you through a practice completely catered to you.

  • Private Session: a one-on-one session. Whether you’re new to yoga, looking to deepen your practice, healing from an injury, want to relax, or need yoga on your schedule, a private session is the best way to meet your goals.

Anna VanAgtmael | Yoga Teacher | RYT200

Anna VanAgtmael | Yoga Teacher | RYT200


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