Wandering Roots Yoga

Experience not required.

The perfect time to begin your yoga journey is now. Through regular practice, yoga brings clarity to the thoughts that we allow. It fosters connection, balance and wellness and carries over into all that we are.

If you’re interested in exploring the benefits of yoga, please join me for a class (or two or three):

Local Yoga classes at:

  • Lotus Jo’s Yoga, view schedule and register HERE.

  • Private session(s): a one-on-one session in a private space.  Whether you’re new to yoga, looking to deepen your practice, dealing with an injury, want to relax and/or try something new, or prefer to practice on your own schedule, a private session will help you achieve your individual goals.

Connection is key! I’d love for you to find comfort in bringing your friends and family along.

  • Special event: we can tailor a yoga session to highlight birthday parties, friend’s night in, fundraisers, corporate wellness, bachelorette parties, fundraisers, or any other occasion. 

Check our Instagram or facebook for the most current Pop Up schedule and locations.

Anna VanAgtmael | Yoga Enthusiast | Travel Designer

Anna VanAgtmael | Yoga Enthusiast | Travel Designer