"So What in the World is a Retreat?"


"So What in the World is a Retreat?"


“So What in The World is a Retreat?”

“Why shouldn’t I just plan my own vacation?”

“What is the hype about Wandering Roots?”

I thought you’d never ask.

In recent blogs, I discussed our time on the Bellaire and Banff retreats but now with registration open for 2019, there is no better time to let you in on a secret:

Travelling with Wandering Roots is just easier, more relaxing and way more fun.

We do the work so you don’t have to.

Here is what you can expect from a Wandering Roots retreat.


The Team: There are always 3-4 hosts on each retreat and there is a maximum of 10 guests per retreat. I like to create an intimate experience so that everyone feels safe, connected and heard. Abbey Hunter is our personal chef. I hope that I never have to find a replacement for her because she’s an incredible cook, has a love for wandering and is especially kind and welcoming. Elise Kutt is our resident photographer. She gets individual and group shots as well as epic scenery shots. She’s one of the most upbeat and positive people that I know and she is willing to capture anything specific that you want or omit you from shots if you prefer. No request is too big for Elise, she hauled a gown to Banff and photographed our mutual friend Jenn in front of a mountain in frigid temps. I love that retreat guests get professional photos to capture their experience, it’s something that will always be made available on all of my retreats. The fourth host is either an additional driver and social media handler/ videographer or another yoga teacher that will be leading the workshops.


The Prep: A couple weeks before the retreat start date, all registered guests will be invited to a private Facebook group. Here you will have a chance to meet all of the hosts and other guests. This gives everyone a chance to get to know each other a little before spending days together in close proximity. Chef Abbey will check in with all participants on their food allergies and preferences so that she can finalize the menu for the retreat.

For all the retreats hosted outside of Michigan, I travel to the location a week before the retreat and explore all locations and excursions so that I can be the best possible guide as well as give you specific information that I think will help best prepare you. In the Facebook group, I will post weather updates and specific suggestions on what to pack based on the excursions and current weather conditions. This was very helpful on the Banff retreat when we experienced some early and unexpected snowfall. I will ask everyone when their flights are expected to arrive so that we can best coordinate transportation for all guests. I will also post my number in the group so that everyone has easy access to it. This is especially helpful if anyone experiences flight or travel delays.


The Adventure: Once guests arrive to the retreat accommodations, they are given a gift bag with some sweet surprises, a copy of the itinerary and given a tour to their rooms. We usually allow a few hours before our first meal together so that everyone has a chance to explore the accommodations, unwind, freshen up or relax. We enjoy Abbey’s delicious dinner and then go over the itinerary in case there are any questions. We reiterate that the itinerary is a suggestion of activities and nothing is mandatory. It is always YOUR retreat: choose your own adventure and we will support you.

Each retreat provides unique activities catered to the surroundings but all of them have daily yoga offerings for guests to take advantage of. Each excursion will be discussed in detail before we enjoy them so that every guests knows what to expect, how to dress and/or pack. All retreats held outside of Michigan are usually filled with daily excursions so instead of a workshop there are daily journal prompts and meditation. Retreats hosted in Michigan always have a personal development workshop. I will discuss the workshops in more detail in next week’s blog when I announce our workshop host.

The Repose: There is downtime on each day of each retreat so that guests truly have a chance to relax and recharge. During free time, I find a quiet space and let guests know where I will be and that I am more than happy to hold space for them if they’d like to chat. If you would rather take a nap, great! That’s the beauty of choosing your own adventure! I always tell people that I consider a retreat to be a vacation with a little extra love with hosts handling the hard stuff so that you get to have all the fun.


I really hope you’ll join us for a retreat. Registration is open now and space is limited!

Images by Personal Branding Maven  Elise Kutt  at  Mod Bettie Portraits

Images by Personal Branding Maven Elise Kutt at Mod Bettie Portraits

My name is Anna VanAgtmael, and I am a certified yoga instructor with a passion for yoga, travel, and connecting with others.

I believe in trying everything once. My values lie in collecting memories over things. Though we desire adventure and authentic experiences, naturally our fear holds us back.

My ambition is to inspire and encourage you to unmask your fears and jump into the unknown.

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